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Nome: NVivo
Data de Lançamento da Nova Versão: 18/03/2020
Produtor: QSR International
Plataformas: Windows e Mac
Versão de teste: Sim
Áreas: Análise Qualitativa de Dados | Elaboração de Trabalhos Científicos | Investigação Científica | Revisão Sistemática da Literatura

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visão geral

O NVivo é um software de análise de dados qualitativos desenvolvido para fornecer a um espaço de trabalho e reflexão para organizar, visualizar e analisar os seus dados não estruturados e qualitativos.

O NVivo faz a gestão de várias fontes e formatos de dados, como entrevistas, resultados de pesquisas, imagens, entrevistas em áudio ou vídeo, artigos de jornal, conteúdo em páginas da web e redes sociais.

Com o NVivo, pode aprofundar a sua análise de conteúdo (codificação, consultas, visualização) e identificar links entre as suas diferentes fontes (diferenças, semelhanças, conexões).

O NVivo ajuda a descobrir mais a partir dos dados de métodos qualitativos e mistos. Descubra ideias mais ricas e produza descobertas claramente articuladas e defensáveis, apoiadas por evidências rigorosas

Porquê escolher o nvivo?

  • Organize e classifique os seus dados rapidamente
  • Despenda mais tempo a analisar os dados e a fazer descobertas.
  • Descubra conexões subtis, impossíveis com o processamento manual
  • Explore em profundidade, adicione as suas opiniões e ideias à sua análise
  • Justifique as suas descobertas com rigor
  • Conecte as suas descobertas aos dados iniciais
  • Troque os dados com facilidade em aplicações como Microsoft Excel,Word, IBM SPSS Statistics, Survey Monkey, EndNote e Evernote
  • Compartilhe o seu trabalho sem esforço

What’s New in nvivo?

  • The most intuitive QDA experience: Introducing the most intuitive NVivo yet, featuring a new interface with streamlined navigation and a simplified ribbon.
  • Code faster than ever: We’ve made coding more effective and efficient by introducing new coding capabilities and options for viewing coding stripes.
  • Import common data in a few clicks: An NVivo – Office Integration allows you to use Word or Excel on any device to collect data and seamlessly send to NVivo in a few clicks.
  • Collaboration made easy: NVivo Collaboration Cloud enables team members to share projects, no matter where in the world they may be working.

NVivo desktop and the introduction of cloud-components
NVivo brings a new world of opportunity by introducing cloud-based features to enhance the desktop application. NVivo now provides the flexibility to enhance your research by adding features and modules based on your particular research journey, including NVivo Collaboration Cloud and NVivo Transcription.

NVivo’s new standard offering includes autocoding and social network analysis features
NVivo significantly evolving in look and capability in this upcoming release. In turn, we’ve reviewed our current offering to ensure customers continue to access the market leading range of features and functionality with a premium product.

We’re excited to say that the autocoding and social network analysis features that’s currently offered in NVivo 12 Plus is the new, standard offering as we continue to bring even more capability into NVivo.

New in NVivo: the most intuitive NVivo yet

  • Easy navigation: The navigation panel groups key tasks under ‘import’, ‘analyze’ and ‘explore’ to help guide you through your research process.
  • Streamlined ribbon: The ribbon is designed so you can easily and quickly find the features you need.
  • Create the thinking space you need: Undock the workspace to enlarge the screen you’re working on.
  • High quality visualizations: Explore your data using high quality charts and mapping tools, ideal for exporting and using in presentations.
  • Easy to follow terminology: Phrasing and terminology in the software aligns with contemporary research terms and trends.

New in NVivo: Collaboration Cloud
NVivo Collaboration Cloud enables team members to share projects, no matter where in the world they may be working.

It’s easy:
1. Purchase Collaboration Cloud and invite others to collaborate on your project
2. Upload the master project to the secure collaboration workspace
3. Team members simply download the project and work on it offline, then when ready, upload to have their work merged to the master project

New in NVivo: Code faster than ever
You told us coding is one of the most powerful features of NVivo, and now we’ve made it even more effective and efficient.

  • The most efficient coding: When working with text documents you can easily see all your codes, and conveniently drag and drop text to them in one view.
  • Superior readability with flexible coding stripes: view coding stripes horizontally, so they’re easier to read.
  • Track coding with ease: simply click on a coding stripe to view what you have coded. The color of the text highlighted matches the color of the coding stripe, for easy reading when viewing coding stripes.

New in NVivo: NVivo – Office integration
Use Word or Excel to collect data on any device, then in a few clicks, seamlessly send data to NVivo and immediately start your analysis. 

 The NVivo-Office integration allows you to add tags to note key points or themes within each document, along with a description, to organize and prepare your files for easy searching within NVivo. 

 If you use the new NVivo on Microsoft® Windows®, you can also take advantage of instant imports from Microsoft® Outlook to easily analyze data within emails.


Work more efficiently, conduct deeper analysis from more sources, and defend your findings with NVivo.

  • Import data from virtually any source
  • Analyze data with advanced management, query, and visualization tools
  • Ask complex questions of your data to identify themes and draw clear conclusions
  • Achieve more robust research results in less time

Discover the ways NVivo works for you

Boost Productivity

Find common themes evidence-based insights faster, so you can do more in less time.

Uncover Deeper Insights

Ask critical questions of data and find patterns and connections that aren’t possible manually.

Make Robust Conclusions

Have the full picture when articulating outcomes or evaluating impact.

Deliver Comprehensive Findings

Reach and present valid, defensible conclusions to create effective outcomes.


Import text, audio, video, emails, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, web content and social media from various sources into a simple, intuitive interface. Centralize data from multiple sources in order to conduct the most in-depth analysis possible.


Code your data in order to more quickly identify themes and trends. Organize the people, places, and core metrics of your analysis as cases. Link cases to attribute values such as age and gender to compare different groups in your data.


Ask complex questions to discover meaning in your data. Quickly visualize your data with word frequency charts, word clouds, comparison diagrams and many more. Look for emerging topics and sentiment using specific queries to identify themes and draw conclusions.


It’s easy to import notes and data from Microsoft products such as Excel and Word. Plus, NVivo integrates easily with the programs you use every day. Leverage free integrations for apps like SurveyMonkey, EndNote, and more to centralize your research.

who uses nvivo

NVivo for Education

NVivo for Government

NVivo for Nonprofit

NVivo for Commercial

NVivo for Health

– Academic Research

Bring your data to life with intuitive analysis and robust visualizations for students and academic researchers

Academic researchers are analytical thinkers and their research has an impact on social change and development. Whether you’re a student working towards a degree, a professor looking to publish papers, or a researcher applying for grants, NVivo is the ideal software to conduct qualitative and mixed methods analysis, prepare for publication, and draw acclaim to your institution.


Ideal for dissertations and thesis presentations, NVivo streamlines qualitative and mixed-methods analysis and literature reviews. NVivo helps students in social sciences, health, psychology, and more consolidate their learnings and think critically.


NVivo helps professors guide students and colleagues in both classroom settings and academic research projects. Keep students up to date with research practices, push them to think critically and analytically, and prepare them for the next step in their career.


Academic research can be the basis for revolutionary social insights that impact real world situations. NVivo is the premier software companion for collecting, analyzing and preparing your groundbreaking research for peer review and publication.

– Government Research

Drive policy changes that increase impact and meet the needs of the public through robust, defensible research.

Government departments have a unique responsibility to deliver robust findings, and make comprehensive recommendations for policy and program enhancements, that stand up to scrutiny from stakeholders. NVivo gives you the analysis capabilities you need to make evidence-based decisions that stand up to inquiry and challenge.


When proposing new programs or changes to existing policies, you need evidence to back up your recommendations. Link your proposals to clear data with robust analysis so that your decisions will get buy-in from key stakeholders and stand up to scrutiny.


Holding government departments and programs accountable to deliver results is an important task. Analyze program impact, assess areas of opportunity, and gauge public opinion using NVivo’s analysis capabilities.


To defend your work or receive funding, you need to be able to present and articulate your findings. Keep an audit trail of your analysis process in NVivo, and use query tools to quickly answer any follow-up questions.

– Nonprofit Research

Drive change and make difference through intuitive, detailed qualitative data analysis.

Programs benefiting public health, education, arts, social justice, and environmental causes all have one thing in common: the desire to make a genuine difference. Improve your nonprofit organization’s practices with clear insights and data-driven decisionmaking.


Hold your nonprofit organization accountable for delivering on its mission. Combine data from multiple channels in order to accurately evaluate public opinion, stakeholder perception, and program outcomes in a transparent, unbiased evaluation.


Whether you’re conducting individual interviews or global surveys, your goal is to use qualitative research to deliver change that matters. Centralize your data, conduct deeper analysis, and articulate findings using visualizations and insights.


Analyze fundraising program results, evaluate donor feedback, and prepare grant applications. With NVivo, it becomes simple to defend the work you do in order to secure funding, engage with donors, and improve fundraising results.

– Commercial Research

Use insightful, data-driven decision making in every department to save time and help your business grow.

Organizations need data to make sure that evolution, innovation, and product offerings meet changing customer expectations. Qualitative and mixed methods analysis, fueled by NVivo, helps you look beyond the numbers and dive deep into what people are saying, and why they are saying it. NVivo gives you the tools to provide insights and articulate conclusions that will allow you to deliver what customers want, across your organization.


Your business exists to solve problems for your customers. Conduct detailed consumer analysis, compile feedback from product testing, and deliver insights to develop the best possible product – go to market knowing you will meet customer needs.


Conduct market research, gauge public perception and identify the ideal audience for your product. Combine data from focus groups, online customer surveys, and social media to understand where your brand stands in the competitive landscape.


Internal engagement and company culture research, such as surveys, gives employees the opportunity to voice concerns and allows HR teams to conduct detailed qualitative analysis of employee engagement and satisfaction.

– Medical Research

Intuitive data analysis helps clinicians, healthcare providers and researchers deliver the best possible patient outcomes.

Success in the healthcare industry requires a balance of expert knowledge, bedside manner, and administrative expertise. By gathering data on patient experience or for program evaluation, you can dive deep into data to discover new insights and deliver better patient care.


New treatments, medications, and therapies need to be tested before wide implementation. Centralize data from clinical trials and case studies to prepare for presentation and document treatment efficacy to gain insights and bring new ideas to market.


Understanding your operations through ongoing analysis helps major healthcare providers get the insights they need to deliver on quality improvement and patient experience goals.


Both private and government-funded programs benefit from qualitative data analysis to measure and report on program impact. By articulating results and impact, public health leaders can gain public awareness and make a case for increased funding.


> NVivo Collaboration

Partilhe dados, experiências e insights entre equipas com as soluções de colaboração do NVivo!

O trabalho de equipa fica mais simplificado.

À medida que as equipas vão aumentando em número de pessoas e em diferentes locais geográficos, também aumenta a importância da colaboração com os colegas de equipa. Assim, a partilha de dados, experiências e insights torna-se fundamental para a concretização de um projeto de qualidade. Para isso temos a solução: o NVivo Collaboration!

– Duas opções disponíveis:

O NVivo Collaboration Cloud utiliza o poder da nuvem para permitir que equipas até 5 pessoas trabalhem juntas em projetos com o NVivo, independentemente do local onde se encontrem a trabalhar.

Para equipas com mais pessoas, em que trabalhem todas num só local central, existe o NVivo Collaborator Server, que tem a segurança adicional de os seus dados serem armazenados no servidor local da sua própria instituição.

  • NVivo Collaboration Cloud

Compartilhe facilmente os seus dados com equipas pequenas e remotas.

Trabalhar com outros investigadores, estejam eles do outro lado da cidade, do país ou do mundo, deverá ser simples. O NVivo Collaborator Cloud é a ferramenta ideal para equipas até cinco utilizadores, permitindo partilhas dados da pesquisa num ambiente seguro baseado em nuvem.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.


Ao trabalhar no NVivo Collaboration, é capaz de reunir as pessoas certas para obter os melhores resultados de investigação num projeto central.

Colaborar é fácil, com todos a pastas de projeto do NVivo guardados num só projecto. Não há necessidade de enviar várias pastas / ficheiros ao partilhar um projeto de investigação, o que significa que os membros da sua equipa podem aceder a tudo num só lugar sem o risco de perder dados.

A gestão da equipa é simples. As permissões de acesso são em função de cada membro da equipa.


Simplifique projetos compartilhados de uma forma segura de armazenar os dados, ficheiros do projeto principal e todo o trabalho da sua equipa. Os projetos principais são armazenados diretamente na nuvem, tornando-se acessíveis de qualquer lugar do mundo. O Collaboration Cloud mantém um histórico de versão do trabalho completo, o que permite ver tudo o que foi feito e manter todos os colaboradores atualizados com as informações mais recentes.

Colaborar é fácil, com todos a pastas de projeto do NVivo guardados num só projecto. Não há necessidade de enviar várias pastas / ficheiros ao partilhar um projeto de investigação, o que significa que os membros da sua equipa podem aceder a tudo num só lugar sem o risco de perder dados.

A gestão da equipa é simples. As permissões de acesso são em função de cada membro da equipa.


O NVivo Collaborator Cloud utiliza o poder da nuvem para guardar e juntar projetos, mas também permite que os membros da equipa trabalhem ou façam backup dos dados.

Permite, também, descarregar o projeto para o seu computador para conduzir análises, compilar notas e oferecer informações adicionais.

Assim que terminar o trabalho do dia, salve e carregue no ambiente de trabalho para que as suas contribuições possam ser adicionas ao projeto principal.

  • NVivo Collaboration Server

Armazene os seus dados do servidor local da sua organização

Para equipas grandes que trabalham num local central, como um laboratório ou centro de investigação, é essencial ter acesso rápido e seguro a grandes volumes de dados. Trabalhar com um só servidor, oferece uma segurança adicional e eficiência. O NVivo Collaboration Server ajuda a trabalhar facilmente com a sua equipa local para fornecer insights aprimorados.

Uma instalação local no seu próprio ambiente TI permite o armazenamento centralizado e seguro de dados e também o respetivo backup, enquanto os membros da equipa trabalham em projetos simultaneamente e em tempo real.

> NVivo Transcription

Descubra o NVivo Transcription – poderosa transcrição automatizada que oferece liberdade para que se possa concentrar na sua análise. O NVivo Transcription é um serviço de pagamento conforme a utilização, integrado no NVivo para oferecer transcrições rápidas e precisas.

Aproveite a automação para uma transcrição rápida, fácil e precisa.

Para mais informações, visite a nossa página dedicada ao NVivo Transcription.


The NVivo Blog

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The NVivo Forum

Access the community knowledge base about NVivo

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Desenvolvemos cursos de acordo com as necessidades dos destinatários. Poderão ser realizados nas instalações dos clientes ou em qualquer outra localização pretendida.

Poderão ser cursos NVivo de Nível I ou Nível II ou ambos. Além de os temas a abordar poderem ser escolhidos pela equipa de formandos.

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