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Matrix Gemini LIMS

Nome: Matrix Gemini LIMS
Produtor: Autoscribe Informatics
Versão: 6.0 (20.05.2021)
Plataformas: Windows e Mac
Versão de teste: sim (
Áreas: Análise de Dados Laboratoriais | Farmacêuticas | Biobanking | Indústria de Bebidas e Comidas | Química | Petroquímica

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visão geral

O Sistema de Gestão de Informações de Laboratório (LIMS) da Autoscribe Informatics permite rastrear amostras e gerir dados em muitos ambientes laboratoriais numa ampla gama de diferentes tipos de indústrias.

O Matrix Gemini é um sistema de gestão de informações laboratoriais (LIMS) configurável que ajuda os laboratórios a gerir grandes volumes de dados de acordo com padrões rígidos, ao mesmo tempo que melhora a eficiência, a automação e os prazos de entrega. Um dos principais recursos é um conjunto de ferramentas de configuração projetadas para criar com eficiência fluxos de trabalho otimizados, porém altamente adaptáveis.

A flexibilidade do Matrix Gemini permite a sua utilização numa ampla variedade de laboratórios, tanto em tamanho quanto em aplicação.

Improve your laboratory efficiency Configurable, future-proof LIMS


LIMS Built Around You

Matrix Gemini LIMS can be found in laboratories around the world, spanning sectors from Metals to Pathology and Pharmaceuticals to the Food & Beverage industry. Because our LIMS has been used in so many different industries, we often already have a LIMS starter configuration that can be quickly adapted for you, using the Matrix Configuration Tools. You don’t need to be technical to use Matrix Gemini LIMS. The system stands apart from the competition thanks to its flexibility. No custom coding is required, which means any user can configure Matrix Gemini’s workflow, screens or menus.

Benefits of LIMS

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Reducing the risk of errors occurring
  • Integrating instruments and systems
  • Ensuring they meet regulatory requirements
  • Increasing efficiencies

Get Information Quickly

It is important that you can access your information at the touch of a button. As Matrix Gemini LIMS centralizes your data, either in your own data center or in the cloud, you can easily retrieve the information you need.

You can enter and retrieve data through your web browser or via the desktop interface.

Make Better, More Informed Decisions

Matrix Gemini LIMS can help make better, more informed decisions thanks to its sophisticated real-time reporting. This helps you analyze data more quickly, allowing laboratory managers to get access to the right information at each stage of the testing process.

Grow Profitability

Our LIMS uses automation to improve data handling and help detect irregularities. What’s more, they enhance data integrity, increase your laboratory capacity and improve efficiency all-round, helping make your laboratory more streamlined, more effective, and more profitable.

Industries Covered

  • Biobanking
  • Contract Labs
  • Environmental/Water
  • Food & Drink
  • Materials and Mining
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Medical Devices
  • Nuclear
  • Pathology
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Veterinary

We Understand your Industry

From Biobanking to Pathology and beyond, our unique and fully configurable LIMS solutions are applicable to many industries – providing you with what you need to accurately manage large amounts of data while supporting with any compliance and regulatory requirements.

With a huge number and range of implementations under our belt, our experience spans multiple industries and means that no matter what your business niche is, we have the know-how to get your LIMS solution up and running quickly and efficiently – so you can concentrate on running your laboratory. Visit our Industries section find out more about how Autoscribe can support you.

New Features

This is the first customer release of Matrix Gemini v6. Key changes in this release include:

  • A new calculation engine with over 300+ extra Excel functions
  • All Matrix Gemini v6 software and sub-assemblies have now been compiled to use 64bit (x64) rather than 32bit (x86) architecture
  • Matrix Admin, used to manage the setup of users and the system, has been updated to provide a consistent look-and-feel with Matrix Gemini v6

This release also includes several other enhancements and bug fixes. For more information and to assess if upgrading makes sense for you, please download the v6.0 Release Notes.

Our Solution Portfolio

Matrix Gemini

Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini LIMS is suitable for those who are looking for a fully configurable system which will meet both the immediate and future needs of your business. Our database is unique because while it offers genuine configuration capabilities, there is no custom coding required – providing you with superior flexibility, fast implementation and an interface that is both comfortable and familiar to the user.
The system is designed for any laboratory in any industry and delivers a consistent user experience whether you’re working from the office or elsewhere.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy “point-and-click” configuration allows the system to be updated as business needs change
  • Users can be trained to do configuration; no coding skills needed
  • Dual desktop and web browser interfaces provide maximum flexibility
  • Local server or cloud based deployment as preferred
  • Scalable from single user to global implementations
  • Easy to use as screens are designed to your requirements thus ensuring quick user acceptance and minimal training effort
  • Achieve compliance with ease, e.g. ISO17025, GMP, FDA 21CFR Part11, GLP
  • Fast and cost effective implementation
  • Built to accommodate change – long system lifetime & lower cost of ownership
  • And more…

Matrix Express

Matrix Express LIMS is Autoscribe’s ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, designed to suit the needs of smaller laboratories, or perfect as an introductory LIMS in larger businesses. The software shares much of the key functionality of Matrix Gemini and there are upgrade paths available to increase functionality over time. With such comprehensive functionality, Matrix Express is often used as a pilot installation, prior to making a larger investment.

Features of Matrix Express LIMS:

  • Comprehensive functionality to suit most laboratories Our ‘off-the-shelf’ LIMS offers all the basic sample and test management capabilities a small business might need and can be upgraded to include additional modules and functionality as your organization grows.
  • Quick and easy implementation With our user-friendly and intuitive system, simply set up the relevant tests and limitations for whatever you plan to test and you’re ready to go.
  • Designed for use in regulated laboratories Our Matrix Express system has been thoughtfully designed so that it can be used in any controlled environment.
  • Personal support via help desk We want your LIMS implementation to be a success, so we’re on call to provide help and support as and when you need it.

Matrix Tracker

Matrix Tracker is Autoscribe’s solution to tracking samples, assets and anything else within your laboratory to support high throughput and error reduction capabilities. From laboratory samples to waste management, the software can be quickly configured to meet your needs. Available as either a desktop application or through a web browser interface, the program can be compliantly configured to meet the needs of different applications, without the need for custom coding.

The easier way to track samples and other items

  • Eliminate errors by using a unique identifier for every item, batch or sample
  • Quick retrieval of samples from any storage location
  • Chain-of-custody tracking for each sample
  • Simplifies inventory management
  • Saves time by providing immediate feedback on item location and work progress
  • Aids regulatory compliance by improving traceability and accountability
  • Empower your team to discover sample problems earlier, and resolve issues more efficiently
  • Reduce the risk of sample logistics becoming a bottleneck in your business
  • Acquire actionable insights from a sample tracking perspective
  • Optimize sample storage capacity
  • Easy upgrade to full LIMS functionality
  • Suitable for wide range of tracking applications
    – Tissues, cassettes and slides for pre-clinical studies
    – Clinical trials
    – Hazardous waste tracking including consignment management
    – Container tracking
    – And much more…

Download Our Overview Brochure

This overview Laboratory Systems brochure provides a high-level view of our solutions. It also explains who we are, why our graphically configurable management solutions are unique in the industry, and why that matters to you!

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