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Nome: Igor Pro
Produtor: WaveMetrics
Versão: 8
Plataformas: Windows / Mac OS 10.10.
Versão de teste: Sim 
Áreas: Análise de Dados, Gráficos, Engenharia, Data Scientist

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visão geral

O Igor Pro 8 é um software com um ambiente interativo para experimentação com dados científicos e de engenharia e para a produção de gráficos com qualidade para publicação e layouts de relatórios. O Igor Pro tem sido usado por dezenas de milhares de profissionais técnicos desde a sua introdução em 1989.

O Igor Pro combina uma ferramenta poderosa com a facilidade de utilização, apenas utilizando o point & click na interface para o utilizador casual e um ambiente de programação para o utilizador mais sofisticado. A tecnologia de plugins do Igor Pro amplia a funcionalidade integrada com ferramentas personalizadas para aquisição de dados, controlo de instrumentos e tarefas computacionais.

A versão mais recente do Igor Pro 8 contém centenas de melhorias, incluindo 20 novas operações, 5 novas funções e um novo NetCDF XOP. Veja a lista completa de atualizações aqui.

New Features

O Igor Pro 8 contém centenas de melhorias, incluindo 20 novas operações, 5 novas funções e um novo NetCDF XOP. Algumas dessas mudanças são destacadas abaixo. O ficheiro de ajuda “What’s New in Igor Pro 8.ihf” instalado com o Igor Pro 8 descreve as alterações em mais detalhe.


Long object names

Object names are now limited to 255 bytes, versus 31 bytes in Igor Pro 7 and before. Go ahead and

Make cell12_trial1_500nmol_tetrodotoxin_highFlow_35deg

Igor won’t object!

User Interface
Window Browser

Use the new Window Browser to see all your windows at once, or filter by type, name, and/or wave to find that one special graph among a sea of great data.


The new toolbar provides easier access to frequently used features.

Procedure Browser

The redesigned Procedure Browser allows you to quickly find and filter symbols (functions, macros, etc.).


New Box Plot and Violin Plot graph types make it easy to show the distribution of values within a data set.

Command Completion

Procedure windows and the command line now suggest options to complete the current command.

Go Back/Forward

New Back and Forward buttons in procedure and notebook windows allow you to quickly navigate in these window types.

Data Analysis

– New Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT) operation
– Added seven new dialogs for transformation operations

Curve Fitting

 – New built-in Voigt and dblexp_peak fit functions
– ODR fitting is now thread safe and has built-in parallelization

Igor Filter Design Laboratory

Igor Filter Design Laboratory (IFDL), which was previously a separate paid product, is now part of Igor Pro 8. IFDL is a sophisticated and flexible environment for interactive design, evaluation, and application of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) digital filters.


Performance Improvements
  • Greatly improved the speed of creating and looking up waves by name when there are many similarly-named waves in a data folder.
  • Drawing speed of graph traces on High-DPI displays under some specific circumstances is dramatically improved.
  • Improved speed of displaying notebooks, help windows, and procedure windows.


Product Features

  • Produces and exports high-resolution, journal quality scientific graphs in EPS and PDF
  • Handles large data sets very quickly
  • Includes a wide range of capabilities for scientific and engineering analysis and simulation
  • Contains a built-in programming environment that makes it easy to automate applications and extend internal tools
  • Completely programmable via a built-in programming environment and can be extended by external code (XOPs) written in C
  • Igor Pro has special support for time-series or other evenly-spaced data
  • Includes extensive image processing tools for image filtering, manipulation and graphing
  • Runs on Macintosh and Windows computers; Igor Pro 8 data files are cross-platform compatible
  • Imports data in many formats and can acquire data from hardware devices
  • Uses unicode to support foreign languages and mathematical symbols
  • Active user-to-user support and collaboration forumResponsive, user-acclaimed technical Support
  • Includes Igor Filter Design Laboratory for interactive design of FIR and IIR digital filters 

Igor Pro is an excellent tool for:

  • Graphics Creation – Igor Pro is first and foremost a publication quality scientific and engineering graphics program, capable of creating visually stunning 3D graphics as well as 2D graphs
  • Data Access –Scientists and engineers encounter many data formats. Igor Pro provides a variety of import, storage and export capabilities that can handle almost any requirement.
  • Data Storage – Unlike spreadsheet programs, Igor Pro’s data objects won’t clutter up your screen. Efficiently organize your data into a hierarchy, just like you would organize files in a hierarchy of folders on your hard drive!
  • Data Manipulation & Math – Igor Pro provides an extensive library of math and data manipulation routines and Igor’s array-oriented arithmetic make complex operations a snap.
  • Image Processing – Igor Pro contains a full set of operations and functions for scientific image analysis applications.
  • Data Analysis – Igor provides many analysis capabilities, including curve fitting, peak analysis, signal processing and statistics.
  • Analysis of Function –Igor includes several operations that work on functions rather than discrete data points, including: plotting of functions, differential equations, numerical integration of functions, root finding and optimization.

video tutorials

Igor Pro Guided Tour

The Igor Pro Guided Tour is available in booklet form, as an Igor help file, in the Igor Pro PDF manual, and in the videos listed on this page.

To go through the tour by yourself, choose Help -> Getting Started in Igor or choose Help -> Manual to open the PDF manual.

To take the video tour, click the links below.

Guided Tour 1 – General Tour

Guided Tour 2 – Data Analysis

Guided Tour 3 – Histograms

3D Plotting Tutorials

Igor’s 3D plotter is named “Gizmo”. The following video tutorials demonstrate elementary and advanced features of Gizmo.

Introduction – Getting Acquainted with Gizmo
Introduction – Gizmo Graphs
Techniques – Creating a Surface Plot from Scatter Data
Techniques – Creating a Parametric surface
Techniques – Creating Slices of Volumetric Data
Techniques – Using Clipping
Techniques – Adding Transparency
Techniques – Lights and Shading
Advanced – Using Textures and Group Objects

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